In September last year I lost my beloved dog aged 13 and really missed having a pet around the house so I decided that this time I would look at homing a rescue cat that could live indoors as I lived on quite a busy road.

In December I looked on the Cats Protection website and saw Primrose who was 8 years old and FIV positive. She looked lovely in her photos so I decided to organise my home visit, which was a success! and then arranged a visit to go and meet her

After my first meeting with her I decided instantly that I wanted to give her her forever home. I spoke to my vet about FIV as I wasn't that sure what it was about. My vet assured me that it made no difference to homing a cat and that it wouldn't affect her or me as she was only going to be indoors

She is 8 years old and had a full health check at my vet who informed me that she was in great health and a lovely little cat

She has settled in brilliantly and now rules the house. She loves sitting on my lap, sleeping on the bed or her favourite spot on the sofa.

Insurance was no problem with pet plan and was cheaper than I thought for the full cover

I am so glad that I got her as she brightens up the home and is always happy to see me. Cats Protection were great with the adoption including the home visit before and after she arrived

I would have no hesitation in homing an older cat from them again and a cat with FIV would not be an issue for me as it makes no difference to how great they can be as a new addition to any household looking to give a cat a home for life and would highly recommend Cats Protection if you are looking to adopt a cat of any age.